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TASSTA wants to make its contribution

Family and friends are the most important people in our lives. During #stayhome and #covid19, we are not able to maintain our wish to see and meet them. We can't make sure that we can support our loved ones, and they are always safe.

tassta is proving you a professional and certified emergency solution to secure your family and friends without any costs till end of the year

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The most important feature is the alarm button for creating an emergency in the group if anybody needs help

By pressing the alarm button, all of your group members will be informed about the emergency. All group members can instantly hear from the microphone and communicate to the person in danger and see also the GPS coordinates to reach the person or disclose to the authorities to send help.

Emergency button

Press the alarm button, and all users can hear your voice as far as your mic is open. Only during alarm, you do not need to press the PTT button to talk. Take advantage of our certified emergency and alarm application.

Group communication

Communicate to all participants by pressing the Push-to-Talk button. A single person can reach many users in groups with a single button press.

Individual or personal call

You can choose any participant and speak directly. Just Push - to - Talk.

GPS localization

Open the map in your T.Flex application. Watch on the map where your group members are.

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TASSTA offers regular webinars online to support you and explain how to get started.

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TASSTA wants to make its contribution to our communities and the people around the globe:



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* till the end of 2020

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Additional features

Alarm forwarding 25 Euro per month (only for Germany)

nobody is listening to the alarm because the phone is in another room.

the agent will communicate and ask the right questions and will make the correct conclusion.

you are alone, or it is only one person online.

24/7 service - even everyone is sleeping. Our agents are awake and can react immediately.

A Certified Alarm Monitoring Team that significantly cuts down emergency response time and provides help in seconds

Do you want professional help during an emergency?
Order our "alarm forwarding" to a professional communicator for clarifying the situation and forwarding the call to the professional security services. All the agents are trained and certified by authorities.



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iOS version 13

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