June 8, 2022

Charity Activity with TASSTA


For TASSTA people, a good heart means not only hard work and honest action but also efforts that make the world a better place. Last May, our team marked a charitable donation in favor of Aktion Kindertraum, located in Hannover. This outstanding German organization makes children’s dreams come true. It helps those little hearts who find this life hard due to some medical conditions or life events by fulfilling their dreams, so that they feel happier, cared about and loved. We hope that our donation that we collected from a webinar about 3GPP Mission Critical LTE right before Christmas ‘21, will be a great contribution to the wonderful present and the bright future of the children. 

TASSTA shares the values of all organizations that care about our community and try to provide all possible assistance to those in need. As a team, we are always happy to support such alliances and also to allow our partners to join donations. We thank all the participants of the charity event and promise not to disregard good deeds on our way!

Media contact

Irina Grishina