Approved Devices & Accessories

Our team has been constantly testing all the current PTT devices. In the tables below you can find the devices and accessories that proved to be fully compatible with TASSTA.


DeviceModelAndroid versionTypeLink
BoxChip S700AS700А6Smartphone
Boxchip S900AS900Plus9SmartphoneClick here
Caltta TechnologieseChat PoC E3606.0.1Radio
CAT S42 H+11SmartphoneClick here
CONQUEST S21S21 5G11SmartphoneClick here
CROSSCALL CORE-M5 CORE-M5 11SmartphoneClick here
Crosscall CORE-T4CORE-T410TabletClick here
Crosscall CORE-X4CORE-X410SmartphoneClick here
CROSSCALL CORE-X5CORE-X511SmartphoneClick here
Crosscall Trekker-X4Trekker-X410SmartphoneClick here
Cyrus CS22XACS22XA_EEA9.0SmartphoneClick here
Datalogic Memor 20Memor 209SmartphoneClick here
Ecom Smart Ex 02 ROW DZ 1/2Smart-Ex02 ROW11SmartphoneClick here
Ecom Smart-Ex 01Smart-Ex015.1SmartphoneClick here
Entel DN495DN495CustomRadioClick here
Estalky E966PE966P8.1RadioClick here
eTera E880E8807RadioClick here
eTera E980E9807SmartphoneClick here
eTera T780T78011SmartphoneClick here
Grandtime F2 body camera4GDQSD-F28.1.0
Hytera MNC360MNC3607.1Vehicle TerminalClick here
Hytera PDC680PDC68010Dual-mode rugged radioClick here
Hytera PDC760PDC7607.0Dual-mode rugged radioClick here
Hytera PDM 680PDM 68010Dual-mode rugged radioClick here
Hytera PNC360SPNC360S7.1.2SmartphoneClick here
Hytera PNC370PNC 3705.1.1RadioClick here
Hytera PNC380PNC3807.1.2RadioClick here
Hytera PNC460 XRugged Smart DevicePNC46012SmartphoneClick here
Hytera PNC550*PNC5508.1.1SmartphoneClick here
Hytera PNC560PNC56012SmartphoneClick here
Inrico T196T1966.0Radio
Inrico T320T3207.0RadioClick here
Inrico T520T5207.0RadioClick here
Inrico T522AT522A8.1RadioClick here
Inrico T620T6207.0SmartphoneClick here
Inrico T640AT640A8.1RadioClick here
Inrico TM-7PLUSTM-7PLUS7.0Radio StationClick here
Inrico TM-9TM-97Vehicle TerminalClick here
iPhone 7+Smartphone
iPhone SESmartphoneClick here
iPhone 12SmartphoneClick here
iPhone 13SmartphoneClick here MOBILE IS120.1IS120.111SmartphoneClick here
i.Safe Mobile IS330.1 / 2IS330110SmartphoneClick here
Isafe IS360.1/2IS360.1/210SmartphoneClick here
i.Safe Mobile IS520.1 / 2IS520.17.1SmartphoneClick here
i.Safe Mobile IS530.1 / 2IS530.110SmartphoneClick here Mobile IS540.1 / 2IS540.112.0SmartphoneClick here
Kirisun M50M505.0.1Radio StationClick here
Kirisun T60T607.0RadioClick here
Kyocera DuraForce E6560E65605.1.1Smartphone
KYOCERA DuraSport 5GC6930-Verizon: Android 11

-Unlocked: Android 13
SmartphoneClick here
KYOCERA DuraForce Pro 3E720013SmartphoneClick here
LYNKNEX PX5 PX5 11SmartphoneClick here
Motorola EvolveHK2157A10SmartphoneClick here
Newland MT67 SeiMT67 Sei11SmartphoneClick here
Newland MT90 OrcaMT90 Orca7SmartphoneClick here
Nokia XR20Nokia XR2011SmartphoneClick here
Panasonic FZ-A3FZ-A311TabletClick here
Point Mobile PM85PM859SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG360*RG36010 GOSmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG530*IS53010SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG655RG65511SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG725RG72510SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG750RG75012SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG760RG7607.1.2SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG935RG93511TabletClick here
Samsung XCover 4S*SM-G398FN11SmartphoneClick here
Samsung XCover 5*SM-G525F11SmartphoneClick here
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 ProGalaxy Xcover 6 Pro12SmartphoneClick here
Samsung XCover Field Pro*SM-G715U1, SM-G889YB10SmartphoneClick here
Samsung XCover Pro*SM-G715FN11SmartphoneClick here
Siyata SD7SD79.0RadioClick here
Siyata Uniden UR5UR58.1SmartphoneClick here
Siyata Uniden UR7UR7_ROW7.1.1SmartphoneClick here
Siyata Uniden UV350UV3507.1.2Vehicle smartphoneClick here
Sonim XP3XP38008.1SmartphoneClick here
Sonim XP3 PlusXP390011SmartphoneClick here
Sonim XP5sXP58007.1.2SmartphoneClick here
Sonim XP5plusXP5plus11SmartphoneClick here
Sonim XP7XP77005.1.1Smartphone
Sonim XP8XP880010SmartphoneClick here
Sonim XP10XP1012SmartphoneClick here
TalkPod N50AN50A9RadioClick here
TalkPod N56AN56A9RadioClick here
Talkpod N59AN59A9RadioClick here
TalkPod N86AN86A9Vehicle smartphoneClick here
Telo Systems TE300*TE3006.0.1SmartphoneClick here
Telo Systems TE300KTE300K6.0.1SmartphoneClick here
Telo Systems TE390TE3906.0.1RadioClick here
Telo Systems TE580TE5805.1RadioClick here
Telo Systems TE590TE5906RadioClick here
Telo Systems TE590 PlusTE590Plus10SmartphoneClick here
Telo Systems M5TELO_M57.0Radio StationClick here
Telo Systems M6TELOX_M610Vehicle TerminalClick here
Telox TE320TE3208.1SmartphoneClick here
Telox TE620TE62010SmartphoneClick here
Telox TE620GTE620G12SmartphoneClick here
Telox TE620PTE620P10SmartphoneClick here
TOKIE TK 1000TK10005.1RadioClick here
TYT IP-77IP-775.1.1Radio
TYT IP-88IP-889RadioClick here
UleFone Armor X5Armor X510SmartphoneClick here
UleFone Armor 8Armor 810SmartphoneClick here
Zebra TC27TC2715SmartphoneClick here


AINA PTT Smart ButtonPTT Smart ButtonButtonClick here
AINA PTT Voice ResponderAPTT3021DF, APTT302936Remote SpeakerClick here
BlueParrott C300-XTC300-XTHeadsetClick here
BlueParrott B350-XTB350-XTHeadsetClick here
BlueParrott C400-XTC400-XTHeadsetClick here
BlueParrott B450-XTB450-XTHeadsetClick here
BlueParrott B550-XTB550-XTHeadsetClick here
Crosscall X-COMM PTT Button RSMRemote Microphone/Speaker
Dellking Wandfu H2 PTTDellKing H2 PTTRemote Speaker
Dellking PTT Mic v.0.55PTT Mic v.0.55Remote Speaker
Dellking Wandfu H3-BH3-B RoHSRemote Speaker
Earphone Connection InterceptorBH4Remote Speaker
Ecom Loc-Ex 01 BeaconLoc-Ex 01Remote SpeakerClick here
Ecom RSM-Ex 01RSM-Ex 01Remote SpeakerClick here
Ecom RSM-Ex 01 (BT)RSM-Ex 01 BTRemote SpeakerClick here
eTera Handheld MicrophonePT-PMMN4021Handheld MicrophoneClick here
IASUS BT PTT ButtonBLE Wireless PTTButtonClick here
Imtradex AurelisAurelisRemote SpeakerClick here
Imtradex TM3TM3USB table microphone with push-to-talk buttonClick here
Inrico B-01B-01Remote Speaker
Klein Electronics Curl 1-Wire PTT Earpiece*CURLHeadset
Klein Electronics TRIUMPH 1-Wire PTT Earpiece*TRIUMPH Headset
Klein Electronics Valor® Remote Speaker Microphone *VALORRemote SpeakerClick here
Klein Electronic Victory 2-Wire PTT Earpiece*VICTORYHeadset
Klein USB-C Wired Audio AccessoryAudio Accessory
Komunica PWR-PRO-GP344PWR-PRO-GP344HeadsetClick here
MIDLAND BTT ButtonMIDLAND BTT ButtonButtonClick here
Motorola RM250 PMMN4125ARemote SpeakerClick here
Motorola PMLN5002APMLN5002AHeadsetClick here
Rexon BTR-1557BTR-1557Remote Speaker
RugGear RG RSM 1RG RSM 1 BTRemote Speaker
Savox BTH-101BTH-101HeadsetClick here
Savox BTR-155 BTR-155Remote SpeakerClick here
Savox Promate BT ComK50924-10HeadsetClick here
Savox Promate Promate RSM-30 *RSM-30HeadsetClick here
Savox Promate RWE-102RWE-102HeadsetClick here
Siyata UnidenSIYATA-BT-RSMRemote SpeakerClick here
Stone Mountain BluSkyeRSMRemote SpeakerClick here
Stone Mountain PHOENIXPhoenix LMR RSMRemote SpeakerClick here
Telox TS-DM50TS-DM50Noise Cancellation Heavy Headset
Savox TS-RSM35TS-RSM35Remote Speaker Microphone
Telox TSR1-290TSR1-290Universal Earpiece C-Hook
Telox TSR1-8800TSR1-8800Surveillance 2-Wire Kit with Acoustic Tube
Telox TVEC-Y200PTVEC-Y200PEar-Mounted Camera with Earphone

  • The T.Flex application is compatible with almost any Android-based smartphone starting from Android 5.1 Lollipop.
  • Devices with older Android versions are not compatible with the latest T.Flex applications.
  • The Google Playstore T.Flex application is compatible with almost any Android-based smartphone starting from Android 7.1 Nougat.
  • Devices marked with an (*) Indicated that only the basic functionality are prioritized; should you need full support please contact