TASSTA develops professional applications for communication over broadband networks. With customer requirements at the center of our business, our value proposition is: If you can think it, we can do it.

Our applications provide push-to-talk (PTT), mission critical PTT, push-to-video, GPS and indoor localization, task management, patrol control, legacy radio network integration and much more




  • 36 months warranty
  • Second battery 4500 mah
  • IP 68 MIL standard
  • Docking station
  • 12 months T.Shedu included
  • Belt clip
  • Alarm Button
  • Push-to-Talk Button


Since mobile technologies changed our lives and the world became faster, TASSTA brings changes in the world of communication with an application for smartphones and computers that becomes an alternative affordable solution for classical radio with numerous additional functions.

TASSTA is a professional Push-To-Talk solution that guarantees to improve the organization, coordination and communication between employees.



TASSTA Push-To-Talk Solution eliminates the bounds of all your communications.

Our solution integrates with the most safe and reliable networks to provide the most extensive coverage area and highest voice quality, so you can be sure your team can always hear you crystal clear.

You can have the most efficient way to communicate to your team, with broadband, WiFi and the best carrier, device and application options. Feel free to reach them anywhere, anytime!


The Emergency Call feature is designed to keep your T.Flex Users safe and in permanent contact with the help needed in case of an incident.

TASSTA’s Lone Worker Protection (LWP) brings the control of emergency or distress situations when the users are in critical conditions and need special attention.

Send your users an alarm in case of any emergency; both mobile T.Flex and Dispatch T.Rodon users will immediately get notified.

We put a lot of effort into our Lone Worker Protection (LWP) to create a feature that truly makes your employee’s lives safer and we got it right.

The TASSTA LWP passed the German DGUV Test, receiving the GS-certification. This German certification is recognized worldwide and it is very similar to the British BS 8484.


Real-time exchange of free form text messages between individual users or groups.

The messages are color coded to indicate if they have been read.

Offline users will receive their messages immediately when they reconnect to the network.


Check user’s location and track their GPS routes whenever you want and wherever they are. With the GPS Localization, the GPS information of any user can be uploaded to the network.

Track all your users on a map accurately. GPS Route or Geofencing facilitate your daily network control while TASSTA’s In-house tracking helps you locate your objects and users inside a building.

Our localization features are more accurate, efficient and adaptive to local environments.


Real-time exchange of free form text messages between individual users or groups.

The messages are color coded to indicate if they have been read.

Offline users will receive their messages immediately when they reconnect to the network.


Compact Dispatcher from radio users for radio users. TR.Pro provides a dispatching solution with all the most valuable features of the radio to all radio users.

Easy to use and easy to scale: TR.Pro Compact Dispatcher is designed to optimize the usage of your TETRA network.

Add your TASSTA TR.Pro today and continue to improve efficiency to your vendor independent TETRA network with one difference: Joy.


The application range of TASSTA is quite varied. It can be used in different industries and for different purposes. Nowadays, many applications require you to communicate while moving. TASSTA provides a great PTT device connected to our T.Flex client over Bluetooth or Cable.

The operation by external PTT devices brings any TASSTA Client on the highest professional level of operation and provides significant flexibility as it makes communication more comfortable and easier.

Our mobile application, most known as T.Flex supports working with different wired external devices, Bluetooth devices, Hardware device buttons and different accessories.


T.Bridge is our professional middleware solution interconnecting TASSTA and any PMR network.

TASSTA provides a middleware solution to help any business overcome the challenges of integration by interconnecting a PMR System with TASSTA’s features.

T.Bridge is designed to integrate TASSTA with a PMR network over voice (group and individual calls) and message communication. Furthermore, it is created as a supplementary part of T.Rodon Command and Control Centre Solution.

TR.Pro provides a dispatching solution including all PMR system main features. The TR.Pro application is based on T.Bridge middleware technology plus T.Rodon. Easy-to-use and easy-to-scale. TR.Pro is designed for PMR networks for voice (group and individual calls), messaging (including status messaging) plus GPS Localization and Emergency.

TASSTA T.Lion server

The core component of the TASSTA communication system


Hosted on top-notch powerful web servers, designed as a Higher Availability system. The service is always up and running. Scheduled backups of all data stored in accounts.


Hosted by your in-house servers in your Data Center. Bringing you maximum flexibility and full control over all your data on your server.


– Port 4000 needs to be open

– Map needs to be enabled in the T.Commander server settings

– Map needs to be enabled in the T.Commander user settings

– Map Share Location needs to be enabled in the T.Commander user settings

The GPS position is not being tracked like in a navigation application. The position gets    refreshed based on the set timer in the T.Commander settings. If the server does not  receive an update in the set time frame, the GPS marker will jump back to its previous  position. When the server does not get a new position within a timespan of two minutes,  the marker will disappear from the map.

The Lone Worker Protection needs to be enabled in the T.Commander server settings   as well as in the T.Commander user settings. The Lone Worker settings have to be  adjusted as required. On the T.Flex devices the Sensor Check needs to be passed for   LWP to be active.

Enable Guard Tours in the T.Commander user settings. Open the Map Tools in the   T.Rodon client, click on the Pencil icon and choose Guard Tours. Set the checkpoints as  required and finish the tour. Right-click on the Guard Tour and set the properties as  needed.

To remove a Tour choose the Pencil icon and right click on the Guard Tour either on the   map or in the Guard Tour menu.

In our Homepage all TASSTA products are listed with the latest version. The release  notes for these updates are shown on our Public Help Center.

Open the T.Flex application. Log in with your original credentials.

When you have logged in, open the Navigation Drawer and select the item “E2EE”.

Enable PTT Encryption. Select an encryption key and a decryption key. Enter a key that you can understand.

If you want to start encrypted communication with a certain user, go to your “Users” tab.

Select the user with whom you want to start encrypted communication.

On the top bar. press the three dots and select “Share KEy”.

The user with whom you want to communicate now receives a request from you whether he would like to accept the key. If he accepts the key, you can now start that encrypted communication with him.

In the T.Flex application, open the “My TASSTA” item in the navigation drawer. (Must  have been activated in the T.Commander settings beforehand)

In the top bar, select the first item (Define items to add). Choose “Call Request”.

You can now see how the item appears in the My TASSTA interface. You now have the option to access the Call Request. To do this, keep the button pressed to send a connection request to the dispatcher. The dispatcher receives a notification and has the option of accepting or rejecting this request.

Activate Bluetooth on your T.Flex device and access the Bluetooth settings. Pair the  Bluetooth device to your T.Flex device. Make sure that all settings are enabled for the BT  device. Log in to the T.Flex application and open up the settings. Go to the “Preferred  Bluetooth Device” option and choose the paired Bluetooth device.

Install all needed drivers for the device on your PC. Then go to the audio settings on   your PC and set the device for the audio input and audio output. After that open up your  T.Rodon client and go to the Audio/Video settings. Choose the device for “Sound output”  and “Microphone”.