We, TASSTA, a leading innovator in mission-critical communication solutions, are thrilled to announce our membership in the European Users Wireless Enterprise Network Association (EUWENA). This collaboration signifies our dedication to accelerating the widespread adoption of secure and feature-rich private mobile networks (PMNs) across Europe.
“We’re excited to join EUWENA and contribute to their crucial mission of promoting the extensive use of PMNs,” said Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, General Manager at TASSTA. “Our cutting-edge communication solutions perfectly complement EUWENA’s goals, and we’re eager to collaborate with industry leaders to shape the future landscape of European private wireless networks.”
EUWENA plays a pivotal role in advocating for readily available spectrum allocation, fostering an open and multi-vendor approach, and streamlining network adoption for organizations of all sizes. TASSTA’s expertise in mission-critical communication software aligns seamlessly with these objectives.
“TASSTA’s membership in EUWENA is a valuable addition to our growing community,” said Christian Regnier, Co-Founder and President of EUWENA at EUWENA. “TASSTA’s innovative solutions will be instrumental in helping us achieve our goal of simplifying PMN adoption for businesses.”


We, at TASSTA, develop professional applications for communication over broadband networks, always prioritizing the needs of our customers. Our mission-critical solutions offer a comprehensive suite of features, including Push-to-Talk, Push-to-Video, GPS location and Indoor localization, Task manager, Patrol control, legacy radio network integration and much more. We are committed to providing solutions that are flexible, compatible, trustworthy, and secure, while constantly innovating with the latest advancements.


Founded in 2021, EUWENA serves as a catalyst for the broader adoption of 3GPP-based private mobile networks across Europe. The association champions accessible and harmonized spectrum allocation, promotes an open multi-vendor approach. EUWENA’s ultimate goal is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem for private mobile networks, benefiting businesses and society as a whole.