T.Commander is a centralized control panel for configuring and managing TASSTA solutions.

It provides the convenient web interface for adding, modifying and removing servers, users and channels; configuring Lone Worker Protection, and maintaining client applications.

What is T.Commander?

T.Commander is a web-based application created to control resources and features on TASSTA servers. It is designed for numerous servers and nodes. Nodes are the logic representation of hosted resources that are handled by groups of servers. With this approach, T.Commander allows flexible maintenance and system expansion, deployment of new servers and nodes.

As a result, you have a single tool to control your environment. In particular, T.Commander lets the administrator create, delete, and edit users, teams, and groups. It also gives you tools to manage the set of functionality for each individual user. All the features that T.Flex and T.Rodon provide can be individually managed, enabled, and disabled through T.Commander.

T.Commander Features

User Interface

T.Commander has a user-friendly graphical web interface that supports multiple languages. It contains several multi-functional interfaces. Secure access is guaranteed, and role-based administration is supported.


The T.Commander Administration tool set includes the My Profile management feature, which lets you customize your username, password and language, and bulk pattern management to provide templates for different TASSTA clients.

System Management

With T.Commander, you can manage nodes, servers, TASSTA users and TASSTA groups, and access control (Teams and Rules). It is also possible to predefine status messages or generate QR codes for fast user login. Bulk user tools let you create or update multiple subscribers at once.


Management of reports, history records and service feedback is also made easy by T.Commander.