T.Mugen is the web client for the TASSTA communications framework.

What is T.Mugen?

T.Mugen is a full-featured Push-to-Talk client that can be accessed anywhere using only a web browser. No additional software or specialized devices are required: the user simply enters the website address on a laptop or smartphone and starts communicating with others.

T.Mugen allows you to quickly scale up the team to solve the task at hand, without spending time on installing and configuring individual clients. As a centralized service, it ensures that users always have the latest version, which reduces the compatibility issues and security risks associated with maintaining and updating multiple local copies.

T.Mugen Features

Group Call

This is the core functionality of any two-way radio system. Push-to-Talk (PTT) allows a single person to reach hundreds of users, organized in groups, with a single button press. TASSTA supports PTT group calls over high-speed IP networks and provides superb audio quality. With T.Rodon, it’s possible to make multiple group calls and see all users on the network on one or more screens.

Individual Call

This type of call allows users to communicate privately outside a group. A one-to-one simplex call is easy and fast to set up; this feature gives dispatchers a means for secure user-to-user simplex voice communications with the press of a button. A private message can be conveyed between a user in the field and the dispatch point. The user rejoins their groups when the personal call is complete.


The application provides real-time exchange of free-form text messages among individual users or groups. The addressee of your message gets an instant notification (tone and icon). Messages are color-coded to indicate if they have been read. Offline users receive their messages immediately when they reconnect to the network.

Voice Recording and Call History

TASSTA communication platform records the full history of users’ activity, including the missed calls, messages, availability and voice communication. The system can maintain call records on the network for months’ worth of voice communication among users. The activity tracking is centrally managed through the centralized administrative interface of T.Commander, putting you 100% in control of the network.