In airport services and airlines’ ground operations, one of the toughest challenges is coordinating teams and crews. Learn how TASSTA helps to organize people and to manage their assignments in time-constrained and highly mobile work environments.


To succeed in the delivery center business, you need to excel at managing your orders, tracking your goods and keeping your staff connected all the time. TASSTA provides a comprehensive solution that covers all these needs by features such as task management, GPS and Indoor Localization, and Push-to-Talk capabilities for instant connectivity.


For fast-growing companies, the importance of tracking their valuable assets grows proportionately. TASSTA offers a flexible prioritization and indoor tracking solution that relies on Bluetooth Beacons as markers and off-the-shelf smartphones as search and instantaneous Push-to-Talk communication devices.


Apart from being sites of majestic beauty, natural reserves and parks are famously difficult for forestry management teams to communicate in. TASSTA offers ways of turning your regular smartphones into indispensable toolkits for employee tracking, emergency response and task management. To achieve the best possible signal quality, any available cellular, radio or Wi-Fi network can be used.


For government agents and undercover operatives, the appeal of smartphones is that they are inconspicuous and don’t use special frequencies where activity can be detected with the right tools by the wrong people. TASSTA adds encrypted communication over consumer cellular networks, streamlines the information gathering process, and provides an alarm system.


Today, the most advanced hospitals and medical centers expand their operations’ geography to offer preventive medical care in addition to reactive treatment. As they do, they need a straightforward instant communications solution that includes emergency handling features, and TASSTA fills the bill.


Hotel operations involve alternating periods of service, periods of renovation, and periods of both at the same time. Hotel managers are on the lookout for a unified communications solution that fits these scenarios, provides instant connectivity, easily handles high user turnover and scales well to geographically dispersed hotel chains. TASSTA is the answer.


The logistics industry blends several disparate activities such as transportation, courier services and warehousing. Throughout all of them, however, the ever-present need is to know who and what is where exactly. TASSTA’s Geofencing, GPS Tracking, instant communication and capabilities Lone Worker Protection can be game-changers for logistics providers.


For optimal operation of public transport, TASSTA provides a robust communication network that allows direct contact among drivers, maintenance crews and dispatch. Thanks to the integrated GPS Tracking features, the state of the entire transportation network is at your fingertips in detail at all times.


To be able to react quickly to any situation, security organizations require immediate communication and a reliable alarm system, preferably one that is triggered automatically if its operator is incapacitated. TASSTA offers these features and also provides tools for regular security and guard tour operations, based on GPS and Indoor Localization.


In policing and public safety services, there can be no compromise on the quality of the communication solution in use. In addition to instant unimpeded communication, alarm and geofencing capabilities are required. TASSTA puts a lot of effort into creating a feature-rich system that meets these needs and still remains highly manageable and adaptable to governmental regulations.


TASSTA’s solution is well suited for the busy world of taxi services. For drivers, it provides Push-to-Talk capabilities for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-dispatch communication and emergency alerting. For the central office, it offers a way to track the entire taxi fleet.


Freight forwarding is a vital and demanding business where worldwide operations are the norm. Much of its complexity is caused by the need to integrate multiple vendors’ systems to meet its various requirements. TASSTA strives to change this by providing a single comprehensive solution for immediate Push-to-Talk communication, emergency alerting, dispatch and GPS Tracking anywhere in the world.


Much of the world’s traffic depends on tunnels today, but tunnels require frequent maintenance, for which they have to be closed. To minimize tunnel inaccessibility, maintenance crews need to organize their operations with maximum efficiency and safety provisions. TASSTA helps to achieve this with Push-to-Talk communication and alerting, and Indoor Localization features, enabling you to map out any tunnel configuration with a set of Bluetooth Beacons.


Keeping kids and staff safe in schools is a top priority of any administration. TASSTA’s T.Flex and T.Rodon together deliver advanced communication capabilities to allow all school staff to instantly communicate via Push-to-Talk (PTT) and to provide an emergency alerting system in case of an incident. 


In large and busy shopping centers, it is essential to have permanent, effective and reliable communication between the security staff, the store managers and the housekeeping personnel with the management team. TASSTA GPS and Indoor Localization can transmit the exact location of all the connected devices to ensure that your team keeps everything under control. 


Maintaining good communication with work teams and ensuring their personal safety is a key priority for companies in the oil, gas and mining industry. TASSTA’s aim is to assist E&P companies looking to protect their employees during the fulfillment of their tasks and functions and maintaining constant communication with and supervision of them. 


The fabrication, processing and preparation of products demand a disciplined and organized working environment. TASSTA’s solution is ideal for companies that manufacture a wide variety of goods including food and beverages, chemicals, computers and electronics, constructions, machinery, transportation equipment and end-products that every person uses in his or her day-to-day life.