Stories of success with TASSTA

Entel dealer Radiocoms strengthens partnership with Home Office contract award

Solution: TASSTA

Server: On-Premise Standalone server

Sector: Border force / Government sector

Infrastructure of operating: 4-network UK roaming, dual-profile, SIMs with European wide coverage

Hardware: Entel DN495

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Police of Paulinea City/SP, Brazil

Solution: TASSTA

Server: TASSTA cloud, on Inovaptt server

Sector : Police

Infrastructure of operating: LTE network

Hardware: Telo devices

On-premise servers and Wi-Fi connection for miners

Find out how flexibility and security provided by TASSTA and our South African partner ensured a mining company to have a comprehensive solution with a stable network for all the communications on-site.

“It was important that not only did the TASSTA solution work well underground, but that the communication devices were reliable and trusted “partners” for every worker.” 

PrioCom and TASSTA for road inspectors in the Netherlands

Solution: TASSTA

Server: On-Premise Standalone server

Sector: Road/Highway inspection industry

Infrastructure of operating: LTE network

Hardware: Rugged smartphones

TASSTA and PrioCom make public transport safer

A great case study on how TASSTA solutions got implemented into the infrustructure of public transport in Netherlands. Read the article to find out how successful it was the first try and what is going to happen next!

“That was very important to guarantee stable connection regardless of the distance and the conditions. Apart from driving far away, where the connection is usually worse, a new office was also located in a building with steel construction, which could distort the signal.”

TASSTA for centralized management of multiple plants

Find out about TASSTA communication solutions including push-to-talk devices, VoIP phones and gateways for managing national plants. Our partner Hermes Comms shared their story with us.

“The workers were equipped with different devices, they had either radio terminals or PoC terminals. The new communication system should have worked equally well with all of them.”


TASSTA for continuous remote safety assistance by “Angelo Custode” in case of emergency

Solution: TASSTA

Server: On-Premise Standalone server

Sector: Emergency services

Infrastructure of operating: Public cellular networks, Wi-Fi

Hardware: Ecom Smart-Ex

Swiss Epic Mountain Bike stage race

Solution: TASSTA OTT

Server: Cloud-hosted server with AWS located in South Africa

Sector: Event management

Infrastructure of operating: Public LTE network. Public cellular data providers

Hardware: PNC370

Neighbourhood Watch in Cape Town, South Africa

Solution: TASSTA OTT

Server: AWS-hosted cloud server in South Africa

Sector: Security

Infrastructure of operating: LTE and WiFi

Hardware: Hytera PNC360; iPhones; Android phones

Brentwood: TASSTA for retailing business in the UK

Push-to-Talk technologies are widely used in all industries. Even when we’re not talking about first responders, reliable and instant communication with multiple remote teams cannot be underestimated. This is where TASSTA and Brentwood Communications managed to meet all the needs of the customer from the UK.


TASSTA for Indonesian Traffic Police

The Indonesian Police have been using a P25 system for the past few years and they are trying to digitize their network to include the Push-to-Video feature and messages.