Failover server for increasing availability and eliminating both planned and unplanned downtime.

What is T.Brother?

T.Brother is a backup communication server. It ensures an uninterrupted communication flow, even if the primary (T.Lion) server fails. T.Brother is an exact copy of the T.Lion, as such it should have the same hardware configuration.

T.Brother Features

TASSTA Cloud Server

Hosted on top-of-the-line powerful web servers, designed as a Higher Availability system. The service is always up and running. Scheduled backups of all data are stored for individual accounts.

TASSTA Standalone Server

Hosted by your in-house servers in your data center. The standalone server brings you maximum flexibility and full control over all your data.


The T.Brother solution is enormously scalable and can run on a range of computing hardware. The system architecture supports multi-server connectivity, and is designed with cost efficiency and system redundancy in mind.

Data Security

TASSTA network security is a more comprehensive solution than just asking for username and password. The T.Brother server provides the ability to selectively manage access to a variety of TASSTA services and features, and administer the rights of each user and group.

Data Encryption

In order to guard T.Brother against advanced threats in complex and evolving cloud services, organizations must increasingly take a data-centric approach to safeguard sensitive information. TASSTA offers a full encryption portfolio that provides persistent protection of voice and data for a higher security level of communication.

Fleet Management

The T.Brother server provides fleet and operations staff with specialized monitoring and tracking tools, grants them the ability to trace and record the movements of their mobile assets and workforce, store accurate GPS data and keep voice and data recordings in history for a long time.