MCX Training 2021

December Sessions 2021 are completed. 3GPP MiSSION Critical LTE Online Training Sessions 2021 ABOUT THE TRAINING We all know that nowadays “Mission Critical Communication” becomes a vital attribute for the business but sometimes it is not just easy to identify what exactly stands for the “Mission Critical Communication” term assigned by the global standard […]

The TASSTA show

TASSTA SHOW Welcome to The TASSTA Show! TASSTA is proud to present our partners from all around the world! We jointly recorded several webinars introducing these fantastic companies, their products and how they are a perfect fit for TASSTA solutions. Harald Ludwig​ Arico Technologies – Managing Director Arico Technologies provides consultancy, training, and project […]

MCX Training 20/21

Summer session 2021 is completed. Summer session 2021 is completed. Summer session 2021 is completed. 3GPP Mission Critical LTE Basics Online Training Sessions in 2020/21 ABOUT THE TRAINING In Oct. and Nov. 2020, and Feb. and Mar. 2021, TASSTA organized five 2-day training sessions with Harald Ludwig as speaker. More than 200 participants completed the […]

Monthly Sessions

TASSTA Monthly Session with Kaveh Hosseinzadeh Latest developments, new features and integrated devices, current promotions and upcoming events TASSTA MCX Environment The times are based on the Central European Summer Time (CEST). Click on the calendar to register for the sessions. 6:00 AM – 6:30 AM CEST 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM EDT 12:00 AM […]


DOWNLOADS TASSTA APPLICATIONS T.FLEX MOBILE APP T.Flex is an application designed for portable touchscreen devices such as smartphones or tablets running on IP networks (2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi). It grants users maximum operational capabilities with a modern user interface and ensures high availability even on slow data networks. T.FLEX T.FLEX T.RODON WINDOWS CLIENT TASSTA’s command and control center […]

Case study

CASE STUDY AIRPORTS In airport services and airlines’ ground operations, one of the toughest challenges is coordinating teams and crews. Learn how TASSTA helps to organize people and to manage their assignments in time-constrained and highly mobile work environments. EN DE DELIVERY CENTERS To succeed in the delivery center business, you need to excel at […]


INDUSTRIES TASSTA INDUSTRIES Modern communication technologies such as TASSTA have a profound impact on a variety of business processes and help improve the quality and efficiency of communication and lower the costs. The use of the advanced TASSTA communication solution can give your organization a competitive advantage. In addition, TASSTA can be an essential element […]


About TASSTA ABOUT OUR MISSION The mission of TASSTA is to foster and provide the most advantageous and technologically new software for mission critical communication on the global market. It is all about ensuring workers’ safety, uninterrupted collaboration, and secure business operations. We create TASSTA mission critical solutions with the following guidelines in mind:  Flexibility […]

Event Gallery

Previous Next Event Gallery eChemExpo German & Greece B2B Networking event April 22th – 25th 2024 eChemExpo April 16th – 18th 2024 OTC Asia 2024 November 28th – 30th 2023 PMRExpo 2023 November 28th – 30th 2023 Korean-German B2B Networking & Conference November 6th – 10th 2023 Digital X 2023 September 20-21 , 2023 TADTE […]