T.Brother Failover server for building high-availability communications What is T.Lion? Increase availability and eliminate both planned and unplanned downtime with T.Brother. T.Brother is a backup communication server for your TASSTA network. It takes over the operations when the T.Lion node fails for any reason, ensuring an uninterrupted collaboration between all teams and workers.   T.Lion Features […]


T.Mugen A web-based client for the TASSTA communication platform What is T.Mugen? T.Mugen is a full featured Push-to-Talk client that can be accessed anywhere using only a web browser. No additional software or specialized devices are required: the user simply enters the website address on a laptop or smartphone and starts communicating with others. T.Mugen […]


T.Shedu SAMSUNG Galaxy XCover FIeldProwith TASSTA T.Shedu Solution – 36 months warranty– Second battery 4500 mh– IP 68 MIL standard– Docking station – 12 months T.Shedu included– Belt clip– Alarm Button– Push-to-Talk Button Enquiry What is T.Shedu? T.Shedu is TASSTA´s cloud solution. It is device independent and you can subscribe at any time from anywhere. […]


T.Bridge The T.bridge is the TASSTA’s bridge to PMR networks What is T.Bridge? This is a professional middleware solution to integrate TASSTA with any professional mobile radio network. T.Bridge helps businesses overcome the challenges of integration by enriching PMR systems with TASSTA features. The T.Bridge middleware securely connects the enterprise. It’s easy to use and […]


T.Recorder Smart, reliable and easy-to-use TASSTA software solution for secure recording and replay of voice and data communications that occurred within the TASSTA network Download now What is T.Recorder? T.Recorder provides a great set of tools to sort, search and replay voice records, view messages history and monitor user activity in channels. Furthermore, T.Recorder gives […]


T.Lion Professional communication platform forany organization of any size What is T.Lion? Professional communication platform for any organization of any size. This is the heart and brain of the system. It shares resources among clients on request and provides reliable communication with sub-second performance. Available in SaaS (software as a service) form or as a […]


T.Commander T.Commander is a web-based application created to control resources and features on TASSTA servers. What is T.Commander? T.Commander is a web-based application created to control resources and features on TASSTA servers. It is designed for a large number of servers and nodes. Nodes are the logic representation of hosted resources that are handled by […]


T.Rodon T.Rodon is a desktop application which can run in the field in mobile environments. It can be set up on a wide range of Windows computers in minutes. Download now What is T.Rodon? T.Rodon offers a full-featured dispatch solution that strengthens the position of TASSTA technology at the highest level of professional communication.TASSTA’s command […]


T.Flex Mobile application designed for professional Push-to-Talk and emergency users. Download now What is T.Flex? T.Flex is TASSTA’s application designed for smartphones or tablets. T.Flex runs on IP networks (2G/3G/4G/wi-fi) powered by the most popular operating systems Android and iOS. It grants users maximum operational capability with a modern user interface and keeps high availability […]