Neighbourhood Watch in Cape Town, South Africa

About the project

Neighbourhood was established in 2007 with 1000-odd subscribers on an analogue LMR two-way radio system. The aim is to integrate PoC into the LMR system, via T.Bridge, in order to avail the members of the PoC features, such as voice, tracking, data recording, video, private calling, LWP, T.Rodon in their security control centre,  T.Commander features such as the client being able to manage the fleet.


Tassta has been chosen for its high availability and low latency ability. Stable platform. Superior audio quality compared to what we have been exposed to. Intuitive T.Commander User Interface that makes for ease of use.

Solution: TASSTA OTT

Server: AWS-hosted cloud server in South Africa

Sector: Security

Infrastructure of operating: LTE and WiFi

Hardware: Hytera PNC360; iPhones; Android phones