TASSTA and PrioCom make public transport safer

In the sector of public transport, especially when it comes to taking under control various types of transport driving long distances, a comprehensive solution to keep track of all of them and stay in touch with the drivers becomes of the highest importance not only for their safety but also for the safety of the cars, equipment, passengers and generally all business operations.

The cooperation of TASSTA and PrioCom provided the Qbuzz company with the most effective, secure and comprehensive solution, which, first of all, was aimed at dealing with the most burning problems among which there were:

  • A stable connection between all the participants, regardless of the place, distance, time and situation.

That was very important to ensure stable connection disregarding the distance and the surrounding. Apart from driving far away, where the connection is usually worse, a new office was also located in a building with steel construction which awoke reasonable circumspection. The LTE network that TASSTA and Priocom offered turned out to be the best solution.

  • The highest level of security of all the communications

TASSTA and PrioCom solution operates on its own servers and its reliability is proven by holding the certificates of FirstNet and DGUV test and regular passing plugtests. This made Qbuzz sure that all the confidential information is stored safely.

Project: BOA Public Transport at Qbuzz 

Solution: TASSTA

Server: TASSTA cloud

Sector : Public Transport

Infrastructure of operating: LTE network

Hardware: Rugged smartphones

  • Communication with different types of devices

It was important that different participants of mission critical communication at Qbuzz use the most handy and effective devices that differ in type. Some find it better to use push-to-talk devices, for others smartphones adapted for mission critical communication or common smartphones on Android and iOS work best, also tablets and desktop applications are the best choice for those who need to control and administer the mission critical communication process.

The first experience of TASSTA and PrioCom has met all the expectations and hopes of the Qbuzz company. The simplicity of communications, the effectiveness of managing the calls, together with the security, flexibility and the capacity of the new apps and software has inspired the bus company to go further and implement even more features. This time it is related to video tracking of the environment inside and outside the buses. This initiative is believed to easen foreseeing upcoming problems and speed up making right decisions in mission critical communications.


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