HEALTHCARE Hospitals and medical centers are 24/7 facilities where there is a continuous activity to give patients care and treatment. The personnel is always in need of great and effective communication to control every single eventuality. TASSTA’s mission is to support these leading medical customers by providing a simple, easy-to-use communications system that offers Push-to-Talk […]


Frequently Asked Questions What are the requirements for the map to work? – Port 4000 needs to be open – Map needs to be enabled in the T.Commander server settings – Map needs to be enabled in the T.Commander user settings – Map Share Location needs to be enabled in the T.Commander user settings Why […]

Event Management

Event Management Event Management Do you wish to ease the coordination and organization of all your proceedings? TASSTA offers you the perfect communication system to keep your entire team in touch and make sure every task is followed and controlled, to bring your customers satisfaction and deliver great service at all your events. The TASSTA […]

Navigation, Freight and Ports

Navigation, Freight and Ports Navigation, Freight and Ports Roads, faraway destinations, crossing oceans or continents? Feel close to your team while being away from them. TASSTA will accompany you and your workforce on any journey and in any way. Get our easy-to-use TASSTA solutions and stay secure, connected and tuned in with your team, no […]

Public Transportation

Public Transportation Public Transportation Track your transportation workforce and their routes with TASSTA localization features. Stay up to date on the locations of each of your employees and protect them at the same time. TASSTA offers you a solution that will allow your team to feel secure in the course of their daily tasks, including […]


Logistics Logistics The logistics industry blends several disparate activities such as transportation, courier services and warehousing. Throughout all of them, however, the ever-present need is to know who and what is where exactly. TASSTA’s geofencing, GPS tracking, instant communication and lone worker protection capabilities can be game-changers for logistics providers. Stay in contact with your […]


Security Security Feel secure while delivering security to others, remain in touch with base stations and teammates, and face any critical situation thanks to TASSTA’s great communication system. Allow your users to stay connected and track their location to prevent big damages and provide communication tools to keep your team together. To be able to […]


Army Army The working conditions of the army are variable and hazardous. In situations that involve military action, it is necessary to have a communication solution that allows multiple users to communicate and rely on the connection at the same time. The TASSTA solution is undemanding with regard to connection quality, uses secure protocols and […]


Hospitality Hospitality Hotel operations involve alternating periods of service, periods of renovation and periods of both at the same time. Hotel managers are on the lookout for a unified communications solution that fits these scenarios, provides instant connectivity, easily handles high user turnover and scales well to geographically dispersed hotel chains. TASSTA is the answer. […]


Schools Schools Keeping kids and staff safe in schools is the top priority of any administration. TASSTA’s T.Flex and T.Rodon together deliver advanced communication capabilities to allow all school staff to instantly communicate via Push-to-Talk (PTT) and to provide an emergency alerting system in the event of an incident. The fact that the TASSTA solution […]