Healthcare Healthcare Hospitals and medical centers are 24/7 facilities where there is a continuous activity to give patients care and treatment. The personnel is always in need of great and effective communication to control every single eventuality. TASSTA’s mission is to support these leading medical customers by providing a simple, easy-to-use communications system that offers […]

Agriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and Forestry Agriculture and Forestry The agriculture and forestry industry today has developed outstanding ways to protect the environment and be productive at the same time. In areas where the most important practices are raising animals or growing crops, communication, security and control play a big role. To a large extent, the same goes […]

Construction and Tunnels

Construction and Tunnels Construction and Tunnels Safety and effective communication are what the construction sector has always valued. Keep your team safe and in constant communication with TASSTA solutions. TASSTA helps achieve this with simple and reliable Push-to-Talk communication and emergency alerting. Much of the world’s traffic depends on tunnels today, but tunnels require frequent […]


Manufacturing Manufacturing The fabrication, processing and preparation of products demand a disciplined and organized working environment. TASSTA’s solution is ideal for companies that manufacture a wide variety of goods including food and beverages, chemicals, computers and electronics, constructions, machinery, transportation equipment and end-products that every person uses in his or her day-to-day life. An important […]

Oil, Gas and Mining

Oil, Gas and Mining Oil, Gas and Mining Communication at long distances is one of the most commonplace practices now. As technology moves forward, we need to keep up with it. TASSTA is committed to help critical communications stay under control and up to date with the world’s changes. In airport services and airlines’ ground […]


Retail Retail In large and busy shopping centers, it is essential to have permanent, effective and reliable communication among the security staff, the housekeeping crew and the management team. TASSTA GPS tracking and indoor localization capabilities help pinpoint the exact locations of all the connected devices to ensure that your organization keeps everything under control. […]

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking Asset Tracking For fast-growing companies, the importance of tracking their valuable assets grows proportionately. TASSTA offers a flexible prioritization and indoor tracking solution that relies on Bluetooth beacons as markers and off-the-shelf smartphones as search and instantaneous Push-to-Talk communication devices. Alternatively (or additionally), indoor localization can take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots. An important […]

Delivery Centers

Delivery Centers Delivery Centers To succeed in the delivery center business, you need to excel at managing your orders, tracking your goods and keeping your staff connected all the time. TASSTA helps you maintain your communication protocol under control. Keep the service effective and bring satisfaction to your customers with great communication, security and control. […]

Governmental Organizations

Governmental Organizations Governmental Organizations Effectiveness is key for any governmental organization. TASSTA provides a high-quality communication system, excellent security and emergency tools and very innovative and easy-to-use features to keep your organization safe, interconnected and under control. For government agents and undercover operatives, the appeal of smartphones is that they are inconspicuous and don’t use […]

Public Safety

Public Safety Public Safety Effective and reliable communication is what the police need. They must be able to rely on the fact that their communication solution is always functional and ready for use. In policing and public safety services, there can be no compromise on the quality of the communication solution in use. In addition […]