TASSTA for centralized management of multiple plants

TASSTA for Centralized management of multiple plants Large companies want to take control of all the risks and get advantage of foreseeing and preventing all the possible dangers. While there are many mission-critical communications solutions on the market, the costs of deploying them vary widely. This is where TASSTA stands out. Our partners and customers […]

Becker Mining Story of Success

Flexibility and Security: On-premise servers and WI-Fi connection for miners Dangerous for people and hard to reach for mobile devices, the mining industry also challenges the creators of mission critical communication technologies. Becker Mining, from South Africa, came to TASSTA with a request to supply their partner mining companies with the best MCPTT solution. Becker […]


TASSTA and PrioCom make public transport safer In the sector of public transport, especially when it comes to taking under control various types of transport driving long distances, a comprehensive solution to keep track of all of them and stay in touch with the drivers becomes of the highest importance not only for their safety […]

Stories of success

Stories of success with TASSTA Entel dealer Radiocoms strengthens partnership with Home Office contract award Solution: TASSTA Server: On-Premise Standalone server Sector: Border force / Government sector Infrastructure of operating: 4-network UK roaming, dual-profile, SIMs with European wide coverage Hardware: Entel DN495 Read Story Police of Paulinea City/SP, Brazil Solution: TASSTA Server: TASSTA cloud, on Inovaptt server Sector […]