Press Release: TASSTA Joins Forces with EUWENA to Drive European Private Mobile Network Adoption

We, TASSTA, a leading innovator in mission-critical communication solutions, are thrilled to announce our membership in the European Users Wireless Enterprise Network Association (EUWENA). This collaboration signifies our dedication to accelerating the widespread adoption of secure and feature-rich private mobile networks (PMNs) across Europe. “We’re excited to join EUWENA and contribute to their crucial mission […]

Uniting Communication Channels: The Power of TASSTA’s T.Qonnector

In today’s interconnected world, seamless communication is paramount, especially in critical industries where reliability and efficiency can make all the difference. Enter TASSTA’s innovative solution: T.Qonnector. This groundbreaking platform revolutionizes communication by bridging various radio network solutions like Tetra, DMR, NextEdge, P25, and more with TASSTA channels and servers, offering unparalleled flexibility and connectivity for […]

The RX Interface in 3GPP Mission Critical Services: Your Mission-Critical Repeater

Imagine you’re a firefighter in the middle of a high-stakes operation. Your team leader needs to relay crucial information instantly. In the realm of 3GPP Mission Critical Services (MCX), the RX interface is your dedicated receiver for these life-saving messages. Let’s break down how it works. The RX Interface: Your Mission-Critical Inbox What it Does: […]

Mission Critical Gets a Boost: How 3GPP Release 15 Standardized MCPTT

Imagine a group of firefighters battling a blaze. They need to communicate quickly and clearly, with no room for misunderstandings or dropped calls. This is where Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) comes in, a technology that ensures reliable and instant voice communication for professionals in high-pressure situations. But before MCPTT could truly shine, it needed a […]

TASSTA is a Samsung Mobile Silver Business Partner

We’re thrilled to announce that TASSTA has been awarded the prestigious **Samsung Mobile Silver Business Partner Certificate for 2024**! This remarkable achievement underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in mobile communication solutions. This accolade is a testament to our team’s relentless dedication, expertise, and our strong collaboration with Samsung. Through this partnership, TASSTA has […]

Press Release: TASSTA Hosts a Collaborative Ecosystem of Industry Giants at PMR Expo in Cologne

TASSTA GmbH is excited to announce its stand at PMR Expo, Europe’s premier professional mobile radio and critical communications exhibition. TASSTA will host five notable companies—Deutsche Telekom, Samsung, P+F ecom, Brodit GmbH, B&T Solutions GmbH, and Solectric GmbH—showcasing a complete ecosystem around TASSTA’s mission-critical software solution. Deutsche Telekom will present its SIM cards and connectivity […]

TASSTA Excels Again at the 8th MCX Plugtests!

We are thrilled to announce that TASSTA has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and interoperability at the 8th MCX Plugtests event. This remarkable achievement marks TASSTA’s eighth consecutive participation in these essential industry tests. At TASSTA, we understand the significance of ensuring that our mission-critical communication solutions seamlessly integrate with various […]