TASSTA GmbH is excited to announce its stand at PMR Expo, Europe’s premier professional mobile radio and critical communications exhibition. TASSTA will host five notable companies—Deutsche Telekom, Samsung, P+F ecom, Brodit GmbH, B&T Solutions GmbH, and Solectric GmbH—showcasing a complete ecosystem around TASSTA’s mission-critical software solution.

Deutsche Telekom will present its SIM cards and connectivity solutions, providing the backbone for reliable communication. Samsung, a trailblazer in technology, will showcase rugged devices optimized for challenging environments, ensuring robust and seamless operations.

Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM, a pioneer and technology leader in industrial sensor technology and explosion protection, will exhibit solutions that enhance safety in hazardous environments. Brodit GmbH, known for its ProClip, car and vehicle holders, will present robust mounting solutions that ensure secure and accessible device placement. B&T Solutions GmbH, specialists in custom vehicle construction and component construction for authorities and organizations with security tasks, will unveil their tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety. Solectric GmbH, a distributor of DJI in Europe, the leading camera drone manufacturer globally, will showcase aerial technology solutions that provide a bird’s-eye view for better situational awareness.

TASSTA GmbH, a global leader in mission-critical communications, empowers organizations with its state-of-the-art Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution. TASSTA’s robust Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) platform is designed to ensure reliable, secure, and instantaneous communication, vital for operational success in high-stake environments. With TASSTA, emergency responders and various industries are better equipped to manage critical situations, showcasing a fine blend of technology and innovation geared towards a safer and more connected world.

Together, these partnerships exemplify a holistic solution that addresses the varied needs of mission-critical communication users. This collaborative stand at the PMR Expo encapsulates the synergy between hardware, connectivity, and TASSTA’s software solution, delivering a reliable, comprehensive solution for all customer groups.

Visit TASSTA and partners at PMR Expo in Cologne, stand number E-046-F-047, from 28 to 30th of November.

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