TASSTA Industries - Public transportation


The TASSTA provides an instant and reliable communication for smooth operation of transportation routes and hubs. The voice, data and GPS enable integration with existing systems such as traffic monitoring and control (or airport/seaport management), allowing users to improve delivery of transportation services across the region.

TASSTA Industries - Courier services

Courier services

The TASSTA is a professional-grade communication solution that meets the end-to-end needs of courier business. The legistics can become more effective with push-to-talk communication and Enterprise and Management System includes Bar- and QR-code scanning functions. The TASSTA can be integrated with the existing delivery networks allowing fewer number of devices and more efficient control.

TASSTA Industries - Emergency services

Emergency services

The TASSTA was designed with professional experiance in PMR fields. The TASSTA's framework includeds all the features and functions (ecryption, emergency cal, location management, priority call and etc.) that are normally used in Mission Critical networks. The TASSTA supports existing radio networks and extends their coverage and functionality beyond the normal operational range in traditional radio solutions.

TASSTA Industries - Freight & Logistics

Freight & Logistics

Appropriate security measures protect the people employed in the freight transport industry and ensure the safe provision of these important services. The TASSTA can offer efficient and cost-effective solution to improve the security in the way of push-to-talk communication.

TASSTA Industries - Health service

Hospitality, Healthcare, Campus and Shopping Malls

Anywhere there is a need to coordinate teams in on-site situations, there is a need for “instant” communications. TASSTA can unify your communications while providing enhanced coordination, team response and safety assurance.

TASSTA Industries - Suppliers

Supply Chain

The TASSTA offers many benefits to a company that supplies goods or services to others. The TASSTA provides suppliers with professional grade tools for accurate tracking of shipment locations allowing better coordination, clearer communication and enhanced collaboration on arrival of goods. The TASSTA can be integrated with existing laser bar-code systems or apply its own EMC (Enterprise Management and Control) and QR-code scanning functions.

TASSTA Industries - Construction & Installation


The TASSTA can provide any small, medium, and large-scale projects with the necessary communication facilities for instant VOICE and DATA communications with no coverage limitations or setup issues. The TASSTA can significantly enhance construction services and coordination, whether it is site preparation, equipment installation, utility hook-up coordination or system turn-up and testing.

TASSTA Industries - Service


Customer service plays an important role in an organization's ability to generate income and revenue. From that perspective, customer service should be included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement. One good customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards the organization. The TASSTA is a good tool to keep this true.

TASSTA Industries - Event

Event Management

The smooth running of major events, from basic co-ordination to high-end management, is underpinned by communication. Without effective communication, an organization is paralysed, that is why the TASSTA is a good choice for event management. Being easy to setup, effective almost anywhere, and allowing a wide choice of devices, the communications are no longer limited to proprietary and expensive 2-way radio devices. Anyone with a Smartphone can be included in the event management process and enjoy instant access to voice and data communications.