Brentwood: TASSTA for retailing business in the UK

Push-to-Talk technologies are widely used in all industries. Even when we’re not talking about first responders, reliable and instant communication with multiple remote teams cannot be underestimated. This is where TASSTA and Brentwood Communications managed to meet all the needs of the customer from the UK.

A client from the retail sector requested a reliable communication solution suitable for their stores across the UK. After a thorough analysis, it became clear that their needs go far beyond traditional two-way radios and require a fully functional infrastructure with many features. The most important requirements were:

  • Off-site management must be alerted of any issues within the stores when the emergency button is pressed.
  • Off-site management wanted to hear exactly what is going on in all the sites.
  • Every on-site employee at that specific store wanted to hear what was going on.
  • All employees in other stores should work as normal without receiving an emergency call.
  • The system must be easy to use with minimal learning.

Solution: TASSTA

Sever: TASSTA cloud

Sector: Retail

Infrastructure of operating: On-site Wi-Fi network, LTE

Hardware: Telo TE300 devices in-store, RugGear RG650

All these features fit the idea of group calls offered by TASSTA T.FlexPTT. The client wanted to use customized groups for the store colleagues and for the off-site management. The customer wanted each store to have their own group. Besides, it was especially important to have a customized emergency call that could go to the predefined group rather than to everyone in the company.

TASSTA solution became the optimum offer in terms of the compatibility with the different devices from multiple vendors and the simplicity to set and manage groups and calls. It took only 2 weeks of trial, during which few modifications were done. The main customization involved the alerting systems as the alarms were supposed to reach only certain users depending on their access to the specific channel.


All the employees located in the stores around the UK mainly used the on-site Wi-Fi networks. The LTE connection was preferable for the off-site employees. Also, LTE was used for a back-up. The Brentwood Communication company provided access to their infrastructure with TASSTA cloud installed and configured for the customer. The client used a mixture of Telo TE300 devices in-store and RugGear RG650 for the management teams; both devices are fully compatible with all features of the TASSTA solution.

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