TASSTA – 10 Years of Gratitude

TASSTA GmbH celebrates its 10th Birthday in 2023 The #missioncritical telecommunications and IT industries have come a long way in the past decade.

7th ETSI MCX Plugtests – the way to Mission Critical Communications Services over 5G with TASSTA

7th ETSI MCX Plugtests – the way to Mission Critical Communications Services over 5G with TASSTA ETSI is organizing the seventh MCX Plugtests from the 7th to the 11th of November 2022 at the University of Malaga, Spain. Team #TASSTA is excited to pass the 7 of 7 #missioncritical plugtests!  We will test our Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk #MCPTT, Mission-Critical Data #MCData and Mission-Critical Video #MCVideo according to […]

Mission Critical 3GPP Training with Harald Ludwig

Mission Critical MCPTT 3GPP Training including 4G / 5G CAMPUS SOLUTION 24th -25th October 2022

Mission Critical MCPTT 3GPP Training including 4G / 5G CAMPUS SOLUTION | 24th -25th October 2022 TASSTA presents another vendor-independent Mission Critical 3GPP training session with Harald Ludwig. Harald has been working from hour one as an expert in this field. This time we focus on 4G/5G campus stand-alone solutions for critical communication users, and […]

The TASSTA Show 2022

THE TASSTA SHOW 2022 – The show about Mission Critical communications devices A new TASSTA Show is starting on August 8, 2022. It will be available online on the official website of TASSTA GmbH. The show is focused on the mission-critical push-to-talk community. Managers of the leading companies in the MCPTT market will share their […]

Launch of TASSTA Americas

Launch of TASSTA Americas: the growth that we all need TASSTA GmbH expanded its operations in the Americas region with TASSTA Americas starting June 1st. TASSTA Americas provides a focused and local organization and support in critical mission communications to key industries. The headquarters are located in the United States, Florida, with offices to be […]

Airport Communications

Airports Using LTE Networks for Communications According to the data of Kampichler, Eier, Liberal, airport managers are facing industry growth that is out of step with their way of doing business. In this regard, many of them are considering more technological methods of airport communications between employees to speed up processes and find an opportunity […]

May TASSTA Session on Updates

May TASSTA Session on Updates Traditionally, TASSTA May ended with Kaveh and his short story about the great achievements that have been created within our products. First of all, we are proud to announce that on the way to create new solutions, we maintain our reputation and have succesfully passed plugtests for the MCX project […]

Enhancing PTT Services for Emergency Response

Enhancing PTT Services for Emergency Response In a large study by Chen and Ramakrishnan, the authors explore the topic of communication mechanisms in critical situations, when every second of delay can lead to the discord of the entire system and operation. According to them, most missions critically suffer because push-to-talk systems aren’t designed to transfer […]

Charity Activity with TASSTA

Charity Activity with TASSTA   For TASSTA people, a good heart means not only hard work and honest action but also efforts that make the world a better place. Last May, our team marked a charitable donation in favor of Aktion Kindertraum, located in Hannover. This outstanding German organization makes children’s dreams come true. It […]

March Mission Critical Industry News

Tactical Bubble: Researchers Found Solution for Territories Where Mobile Communication Is Impossible Missions Critical are carried out not only in cities but also in remote areas of the world where it is difficult to communicate with government agencies and city managers. So that the teams in such regions do not lose touch and could always […]