TASSTA Certified with DGUV Test

In 1985, the German Social Accident Insurance started the DGUV testing program to protect health and safety. Currently, the testing program is still active, evaluating every aspect of products, processes, quality management systems and quality assurance systems. 


It is important for TASSTA to receive certification that T.Flex, our flagship mobile client, is officially approved and recognized as a secure and reliable solution for mission-critical communications. The certification primarily targets Lone Worker Protection (LWP) features, which include emergency calls and alerts based on analysis of user activity and sensor data: immobility, falls, low battery, periodic health checks, and more. These alerts, combined with GPS and internal localization of lone workers, enable rapid response to accidents.


TASSTA solutions had been scrutinized for a whole year by the DGUV examiners.Tests covered LWP and indoor tracking features of T.Flex together with T.Rodon dispatcher console’s LWP and indoor positioning. All the smartphones that were used during the testing complied with the specifications DIN 0825.1 and DIN 0825.11. In June 2019, the evaluation process was successfully finished. The certificate is valid for 5 years, and every 1-3 years the examination is carried out by the DGUV again.


The certification is required by law for any company that provides Lone Worker Protection solutions in Germany, and so far there are not many competitors in this area. DGUV certificates are also highly regarded around the world, which is why many companies choose TASSTA because of passing the DGUV test. We look forward to further meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers.


Visit the DGUV Test page for more information.