PrioCom and TASSTA for road inspectors in the Netherlands

Road inspection is an industry in which every person has many responsibilities. Car accidents, weather disasters, locks on waterways, clear way for emergency cars – all of these are situations where every minute counts. A stable and full coverage of the network is a must – the connection should not be an extra roadblock. Our partner PrioCom is a company that can stand this challenge and provide the best network solution for mission critical communication in the Netherlands. Together with PrioCom, TASSTA has developed a push-to-talk solution for road inspectors in the Province North Holland.

Their rich experience shows that mission-critical communication situations are too varied and complex for conventional walkie-talkies. These devices do not fully cope when it comes to switching between different workgroups, for example, communicating with people at a great distance, exchanging text, video or pictures.

 PrioCom and TASSTA developed a solution that included:

  • Guaranteed network coverage
  • Ability to set various groups for communication and easily switch between them
  • Compatibility with the various push-to-talk devices and accessories
  • Ability to share text, files, and videos
  • The software that is easy to set, administer and update
  • Minimal time for establishing a connection (0.5 seconds)

Solution: TASSTA

Server: On-Premise Standalone server

Sector: Road/Highway inspection industry

Infrastructure of operating: LTE network

Hardware: Rugged Smartphones

All these features enabled instant and reliable communication between road inspectors and their connection to supporting services. Rugged smartphones empowered by the PrioCom and TASSTA solution operate mainly over the LTE network with the possibility to use other networks to make offline calls. The entire solution is hosted in the TASSTA cloud. This makes it secure, easy to update and manage from any location.

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