Swiss Epic Mountain Bike stage race

About the project

5 day MTB stage race was held in Switzerland and film production was performed in Cape Town, South Africa. The film crew were given Hytera PNC370 PoC handheld units that were used to communicate with the film production office based in Cape Town. Swiss SIMs were installed in the units used on the race route and South African Sims were used in the units in the Cape Town production office. T.Flex PTT and T.Commander were used. The voice-only feature was used.


Tassta has been chosen for its high availability and low latency ability. Stable platform. Superior audio quality compared to what we have been exposed to. Intuitive T.Commander User Interface that makes for ease of use.

Solution: TASSTA OTT

Server: Cloud-hosted server with AWS located in South Africa

Sector: Event management

Infrastructure of operating: Public LTE network. Public cellular data providers

Hardware: PNC370