TASSTA for continuous remote safety assistance by "Angelo Custode" in case of emergency

  «Since the foundation of Pontiradio, in 1962, we have employed technicians in the installation and maintenance of radio networks throughout Italy: for this reason, we have always sought the best solutions, both from a technological and organizational point of view, for communication, operational coordination and safety of workers in the field. We therefore adopted the TASSTA Push-to-talk Over Cellular solution, tested it internally and implemented it to obtain a modular PoC system complete with hardware and software.

We have therefore equipped our subsidiary Remote Assistance with all the technical and organizational support necessary to allow it to provide a safety remote assistance service, based on PoC technology, not only to our maintenance technicians, but also to a wide clientele.

This service is called “Angelo Custode” (Guardian Angel in italian) and it complies with the English standard BS 8484, which establishes the technological and operational standards for outsourced remote safety assistance services. The Operators of Angelo Custode’s LWP Central are present 24 hours a day for remote safety assistance and ready to call the emergency response bodies in case of emergency.»  

Solution: TASSTA

Server: On-Premise Standalone server

Sector: Emergency Services

Infrastructure of operating: Public Cellular Networks, Wi-Fi

Hardware: Ecom Smart-Ex

«We have identified three different service profiles based on as many levels of processing risk:

  • the first one involves voice contact with the Central Operators in Push To Talk mode and the forwarding of assistance requests via the SOS button
  • the second one also includes automatic assistance requests (TASSTA Lone Worker Protection option: Man down, Immobility…)
  • the third one includes a greater structured interaction with the Central Operators, who activate certain levels of protection before specific work, remember the use of personal protective equipment, and always know the place and the expected times of work

  With the Angelo Custode service, users are assisted in various sites throughout Italy: some are workers who work alone at their company (for example caretakers or night cleaners) and in this case they are in contact with the Operators of our Central thanks to WiFi; others instead operate in ever-different areas on the national territory (for example fuel hauliers, maintainers of photovoltaic systems, wind turbines or telecommunication towers), and in this case communication is made possible by public cellular networks. In addition to the operational communication function, TASSTA allows multiple LWP functions essential for the remote safety assistance of the lone worker that we provide to our customers, such as:

  • Sensor check at the beginning of the work shift
  • Forwarding of rescue requests both voluntary (SOS button) and automatic (Man down, Immobility, Periodic Check) in emergency situations
  • Reporting of the lowering of the battery level
  • Possibility of georeferencing sensitive areas
  • Complete and detailed reports

Pontiradio manages the TASSTA communication node (T.Lion) together with the back-up node (T.Brother), redundant in site diversity. On this node there are the instances dedicated to the various end customers, to which it’s provided a service in the Cloud.

For a communication and safety system to be truly effective, attention must be paid not only to the software, but also to the peripheral devices.

This is why we offer our customers the devices most suitable for the specific context of use from time to time. These terminals are chosen because they also have useful features for field activities, such as the PTT and SOS buttons that are easily identifiable even when wearing work gloves, the increased battery, and resistance to shocks, dust and liquids.

In more specific applications, for example for those who work in areas at risk of explosion, we supply ATEX zone 1 or 2 certified PoC smartphones, such as the Ecom Smart-Ex.

If necessary, together with the terminals we provide accessories that allow them to be used better, such as harnesses that allow you to wear the terminal on the chest with the camera facing outwards, so that the supervisor from the Operations Center can see live streaming of the operations carried out and the surrounding environment.

Since Angelo Custode is a service that can also be used for a limited period of time, the decives can be both purchased and rented.»  

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