Tested Devices & Accessories

Devices and accessories which are tested with TASSTA’s applications.

Blackview IP-68BV6000S6Smartphone
BoxChip S700AS700А6Smartphone
Boxchip S900AS900Plus9SmartphoneClick here
Crosscall CORE-T4CORE-T410TabletClick here
Crosscall CORE-X4CORE-X410SmartphoneClick here
Crosscall Trekker-X4Trekker-X4SmartphoneClick here
Cyrus CS22XACS22XA_EEA9Smartphone
Ecom Smart Ex 02 ROW DZ2Smart-Ex02 ROW11SmartphoneClick here
Ecom Smart-Ex 01SmartphoneClick here
eTera E980E9807SmartphoneClick here
Hytera PNC550PNC5508.1.1SmartphoneClick here
iMAN VictorSmartphone
Inrico T620T6207SmartphoneClick here
Kyocera E6560KYOCERA_E65605.1.1Smartphone
Kyocera Torque KC-S701KC-S7014.4.2SmartphoneClick here
Motorola EvolveHK2157A10SmartphoneClick here
Nokia XR20Nokia XR2011SmartphoneClick here
RugGear i.Safe Mobile IS520.1IS520_17.1.2SmartphoneClick here
RugGear i.Safe Mobile IS530.1IS5309SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG220RG2204.1.2Smartphone
RugGear RG360RG36010SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG530IS5309SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG650RG6508.1SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG725RG7258.1SmartphoneClick here
RugGear RG760RG7607.1.2SmartphoneClick here
Samsung Xcover 4SSM-G398FN/DS11SmartphoneClick here
Samsung Xcover 511SmartphoneClick here
Samsung Xcover FieldProSM-G889YB/DS10SmartphoneClick here
Samsung Xcover ProSM-G715FN/DS11SmartphoneClick here
Siyata UR5UR58.1SmartphoneClick here
Siyata UR7*ur7_row7.1.1SmartphoneClick here
Sodial F36 Black NFCF367Smartphone
Sonim XP3800XP38008.1SmartphoneClick here
Sonim XP3900XP390011SmartphoneClick here
Sonim XP5XP57004.4.2Smartphone
Sonim XP5sXP58007.1.2SmartphoneClick here
Sonim XP7700XP77005.1.1Smartphone
Sonim XP8800XP880010SmartphoneClick here
Telo Systems TE300KTELO_TE3006.0.1SmartphoneClick here
Telo Systems TE590+TE590P_E10SmartphoneClick here
UleFone Armor X5Armor X510SmartphoneClick here
UleFone Armor 8Armor 810SmartphoneClick here
Zebra TC56DJSmartphoneClick here
iPhone 7+Smartphone
iPhone SESmartphoneClick here
iPhone 12SmartphoneClick here
iPhone 13SmartphoneClick here
Siyata UV350UV3507.1.2Vehicle smartphoneClick here
BFDX BF-CM625S5.1.1Radio
Caltta e350eChat E3507RadioClick here
Caltta e360eChat E3606.0.1Radio
D’Call VT12WVT12W4.2.2Radio
Entel DN495RadioClick here
Estalky E996P*E966P8.1.0RadioClick here
eTera E880E8807RadioClick here
Hytera PNC370PNC 3705.1.1RadioClick here
Hytera PNC380PNC3807.1.2Radio
Inrico T196T1966Radio
Inrico T320T3207RadioClick here
Inrico T520RadioClick here
Inrico T522AT522A8.1Radio
Inrico T522ARadio
Inrico T640A*tvz8058.1RadioClick here
Kirisun T65RadioClick here
Lisheng R68DRadio
Talkpod N50GN504.4.2RadioClick here
Talkpod N59A*N59A9Radio
Telo Systems TE3906.0.1RadioClick here
Telo Systems TE580TELO_TE5805.1RadioClick here
Telo Systems TE5906RadioClick here
Tokie TK 1000TK10005.1RadioClick here
TYT IP-77*ZX5.1.1Radio
TYT IP-88*m6_h9Radio
TYT IP-989Radio
Zello F25F257.1.1Radio
Inrico TM-7PLUSTM-7PLUS7Radio StationClick here
Kirisun M50*M505.0.1Radio StationClick here
Telo Systems M5TELO_M57Radio StationClick here
CAT S42H+S4211Smartphonehttps://www.catphones.com/en-us/cat-s42-h/
Siyata SD7SD79RadioClick here
Aina (Bluetooth Smart Button)Smart ButtonButtonClick here
Mobilitysound PTT-Z-L0ButtonClick here
Aina Voice ResponderAPTT3021DF / APTT302936Remote SpeakerClick here
Dellking H2 (white)Remote Speaker
Dellking PTT Mic v.0.55PTT Mic v.0.55Remote Speaker
Dellking Wandfu (Black) H3-BRemote Speaker
Ecom EX-RSM Aurelis BT IIIBRemote SpeakerClick here
Ecom RSM-Ex 01RSM-Ex 01Remote SpeakerClick here
Ecom RSM-Ex 01 (BT)Remote Speaker
eTera PT-PMMN4021Remote SpeakerClick here
Imtradex AurelisRemote SpeakerClick here
Inrico B-01B-01Remote Speaker
Kenwood KMC-35Remote SpeakerClick here
Klein electronic Valor 10-pinValorRemote SpeakerClick here
Motorola RM250 2.5mm JackRM250Remote SpeakerClick here
Motorola RMN5052ARemote SpeakerClick here
Motorola WM500WM500_9355Remote SpeakerClick here
Nier NRBT09Remote Speaker
Pryme SPM-4283Remote SpeakerClick here
Rexon BTR-1557BTR-1557Remote Speaker
RugGear RG RSM 1 (BT)*Remote Speaker
Savox BTR-155Remote SpeakerClick here
Savox RSM-30 (3.5mm Jack)RSM-30Remote SpeakerClick here
Sehwa SCP860Remote Speaker
Siyata Speaker RSM BTRemote SpeakerClick here
Stone Mountain BluskyeRemote SpeakerClick here
Stone Mountain PHOENIXRemote SpeakerClick here
Wireless Pacific X10DRRemote SpeakerClick here
Blueparrot B550-XTB550-XTHeadsetClick here
Blueparrot C300-XTC300-XTHeadsetClick here
Blueparrot C400-XTC400-XTHeadsetClick here
Invisio V60HeadsetClick here
Klein electronic Patriot-PROXCFPHeadsetClick here
Klein electronic Star-Pro-XCFPHeadset
Klein electronic Triumph (3.5mm Jack)TRIUMPH 1-Wire PTT EarpieceHeadset
Klein electronic CurlHeadset
Klein electronic VictoryHeadset
Komunica PWR-PRO-GP344PWR-PRO-GP344HeadsetClick here
Motorola PMLN5002APMLN5002AHeadsetClick here
Savox BTH-101BTH-101HeadsetClick here
Savox Promate ComSavox Promate ComHeadsetClick here
Savox Promate Lite ComHeadsetClick here
Savox Promate RWE-102HeadsetClick here
Seecode SHM612SHM612HeadsetClick here
Tactical Headsets C30HeadsetClick here
  • The T.Flex application is compatible with almost any Android-based smartphone starting from Android 5.1 Lollipop.
  • Devices with older Android versions are not compatible with the latest T.Flex applications.
  • The Google Playstore T.Flex application is compatible with almost any Android-based smartphone starting from Android 7.1 Nougat.
  • Devices marked with an (*) Indicated that only the basic functionality are prioritized; should you need full support please contact service@tassta.com