Tested Devices & Accessories

Devices and accessories which are tested with TASSTA’s applications.

Blackview IP-68BV6000S6Smartphone
BoxChip S700AS700А6Smartphone
Boxchip S900A+S900Plus9Smartphone
Crosscall CORE-X4CORE-X410Smartphone
Crosscall CORE-X4Core_X410Smartphone
Crosscall Trekker-X4Trekker-X4Smartphone
Crosscall Trekker-X4Trekker-X410Smartphone
Cyrus CS22XACS22XA_EEA9Smartphone
Ecom Smart Ex 02 ROW DZ29Smartphone
Ecom Smart-Ex 01Smartphone
eTera E980E9807Smartphone
Hytera PNC550PNC5508.1.1Smartphone
iMAN VictorSmartphone
Inrico T620T6207Smartphone
Kyocera E6560KYOCERA_E65605.1.1Smartphone
Kyocera Torque KC-S701KC-S7014.4.2Smartphone
Motorola EvolveHK2157A10Smartphone
Nokia XR20Nokia XR2011Smartphone
RugGear i.Safe Mobile IS520.1IS520_17.1.2Smartphone
RugGear i.Safe Mobile IS530.1IS5309Smartphone
RugGear RG2204.1.2Smartphone
RugGear RG360RG36010Smartphone
RugGear RG530IS5309Smartphone
RugGear RG650RG6508.1.0Smartphone
RugGear RG725RG7258.1.0Smartphone
RugGear RG760RG7607.1.2Smartphone
Samsung Xcover 4SSM-G398FN/DS11Smartphone
Samsung Xcover 511Smartphone
Samsung Xcover FieldProSM-G889YB/DS10Smartphone
Samsung Xcover ProSM-G715FN/DS11Smartphone
Siyata SD7toronto_sd79.0Smartphone
Siyata UR5UR58.1.0Smartphone
Siyata UR7ur7_row7.1.1Smartphone
Sonim XP38008.1.0Smartphone
Sonim XP3900XP390011Smartphone
Sonim XP5XP57004.4.2Smartphone
Sonim XP5sXP58007.1.2Smartphone
Sonim XP7700XP77005.1.1Smartphone
Sonim XP8800XP880010Smartphone
Telo Systems TE300KTELO_TE3006.0.1Smartphone
Telo Systems TE590+TE590P_E10.0Smartphone
UleFone Armor X5Armor X510Smartphone
UleFone Armor 8Armor 810Smartphone
Zebra TC56DJSmartphone
iPhone 7+Smartphone
iPhone SESmartphone
iPhone 12Smartphone
Siyata UV350UV3507.1.2Vehicle smartphone
Crosscall CORE-T4CORE-T410Tablet
BFDX BF-CM625S5.1.1Radio
Caltta e350eChat E3507Radio
Caltta e360eChat E3606.0.1Radio
D’Call VT12WVT12W4.2.2Radio
Entel DN495Radio
Estalky E996PE966P8.1.0Radio
eTera E880E8807.0Radio
Hytera PNC370PNC 3705.1.1Radio
Hytera PNC380PNC3807.1.2Radio
Inrico T196T1966Radio
Inrico T320T3207.0Radio
Inrico T520Radio
Inrico T522AT522A8.1.0Radio
Inrico T522ARadio
Inrico T640Atvz8058.1.0Radio
Kirisun T65Radio
Lisheng R68DRadio
Talkpod N50GN504.4.2Radio
Talkpod N59AN59A9Radio
Telo Systems TE300TELO_TE3006.0.1Radio
Telo Systems TE3906.0.1Radio
Telo Systems TE580TELO_TE5805.1Radio
Telo Systems TE5906Radio
Tokie TK 1000TK10005.1Radio
TYT IP-77ZX5.1.1Radio
TYT IP-88m6_h9Radio
TYT IP-989Radio
Zello F25F257.1.1Radio
Inrico TM-7PLUSTM-7PLUS7Radio Station
Kirisun M50M505.0.1Radio Station
Telo Systems M5TELO_M57Radio Station
Aina (Bluetooth Smart Button)Smart ButtonButton
Mobilitysound PTT-Z-L0Button
Aina Voice ResponderAPTT3021DF / APTT302936Remote Speaker
Dellking H2 (white)Remote Speaker
Dellking PTT Mic v.0.55PTT Mic v.0.55Remote Speaker
Dellking Wandfu (Black) H3-BRemote Speaker
Ecom EX-RSM Aurelis BT IIIBRemote Speaker
Ecom RSM-Ex 01RSM-Ex 01Remote Speaker
Ecom RSM-Ex 01 (BT)Remote Speaker
eTera PT-PMMN4021Remote Speaker
Imtradex AurelisRemote Speaker
Inrico B-01B-01Remote Speaker
Kenwood KMC-35Remote Speaker
Klein electronic ValorValorRemote Speaker
Motorola RM250 2.5mm JackRM250Remote Speaker
Motorola RMN5052ARemote Speaker
Motorola WM500WM500_9355Remote Speaker
Nier NRBT09Remote Speaker
Pryme SPM-4283Remote Speaker
Rexon BTR-1557BTR-1557Remote Speaker
RugGear RG RSM 1 (BT)Remote Speaker
Savox BTR-155Remote Speaker
Savox RSM-30 (3.5mm Jack)RSM-30Remote Speaker
Sehwa SCP860Remote Speaker
Siyata Speaker RSM BTRemote Speaker
Stone Mountain BluskyeRemote Speaker
Stone Mountain PHOENIXRemote Speaker
Stone Mountain PHOENIX (3.5mm Jack)(3.5mm Jack)Remote Speaker
Wireless Pacific X10DRRemote Speaker
Blueparrot B550-XTB550-XTHeadset
Blueparrot C300-XTC300-XTHeadset
Blueparrot C400-XTC400-XTHeadset
Invisio V60Headset
Klein electronic Patriot-PROXCFPHeadset
Klein electronic Star-Pro-XCFPHeadset
Klein electronic Triumph (3.5mm Jack)TRIUMPH 1-Wire PTT EarpieceHeadset
Klein electronic CurlHeadset
Klein electronic VictoryHeadset
Komunica PWR-PRO-GP344PWR-PRO-GP344Headset
Motorola PMLN5002APMLN5002AHeadset
Savox BTH-101BTH-101Headset
Savox Promate ComSavox Promate ComHeadset
Savox Promate Lite ComHeadset
Savox Promate RWE-102Headset
Seecode SHM612SHM612Headset
Tactical Headsets C30Headset
  • The T.Flex application is compatible with almost any Android-based smartphone starting from Android 5.1 Lollipop.
  • Devices with older Android versions are not compatible with the latest T.Flex applications.
  • The Google Playstore T.Flex application is compatible with almost any Android-based smartphone starting from Android 7.1 Nougat.