August 1, 2022

THE TASSTA SHOW 2022 – The show about Mission Critical communications devices

The TASSTA Show 2022

A new TASSTA Show is starting on August 8, 2022. It will be available online on the official website of TASSTA GmbH. The show is focused on the mission-critical push-to-talk community. Managers of the leading companies in the MCPTT market will share their corporate news and partnership experience with TASSTA. 

This online event is a unique and absolutely free-of-charge opportunity for you. Each viewer can see what’s new on the market, get to know the companies and their representatives better, and learn about actual use cases with the newest and most popular devices integrated with TASSTA. This show can be a turning point in the decision-making process for many companies who want to migrate to MCPTT and choose the best solution on the market. 

This year’s TASSTA Show has 12 episodes, each of which will last about 20-30 minutes. In an interview format, Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, General Manager with TASSTA, talks to the managers of the push-to-talk device companies. He will ask them about their corporate news and new devices as well as discussing their experience with the TASSTA solution in global projects.

Among the participating companies, there will be:

Harald Ludwig –  a 3GPP standard expert.

Grupo Inditel – an Italian group of nine telecommunication companies providing mission-critical communications solutions for all industries, including hardware and software solutions. As a system integrator, they partner with TASSTA in several projects in Italy related to public safety and lone worker protection.

BOXCHIP – a manufacturer of a wide range of Mission Critical Push-to-Talk devices, including mobile radios, PTT smartphones, repeaters and gateways. The company is based in China and has a worldwide distribution network.

Pepperl+Fuchs International, ECOM – an international German company producing rugged mission-critical push-to-talk devices for mission-critical communications. With a vast market presence, they have a reputation as a trusted, secure and reliable manufacturer of PoC devices for oil and gas organisations.

TELOX – was established in 2014 with a conscious approach toward creating PMR radios for mission-critical communications. Their impressive product portfolio can meet all the market needs for PoC devices, including rugged push-to-talk smartphones, multi-function body cameras and many other accessories.

Siyata Mobile Inc. – is a world-known developer and provider of mission-critical devices for enterprise and public safety customers from Canada. Apart from producing rugged handsets compatible with TASSTA, they also specialise in in-vehicle communication devices that improve communications with drivers.

Estalky – a company from China that tracks its customers’ experience at each step. Starting from the deliberate development process, they proceed to careful manufacturing and selling their PoC devices and radio accessories. They partner with almost 20 companies, including TASSTA, helping each other to provide lone worker and groups and all the heavy industries and security organisations with a safe and reliable network for critical mission communications.

eTera SINOTECH R&D Group Limited – a fast-growing company that managed to present its devices almost on all the continents of the globe. Despite having only three PoC devices in their portfolio, the number of PoC handsets and accessories is impressive.

Sonim – an American company that successfully covers the following market demands: ultra-rugged mobile devices,  industrial-grade accessories and cloud-based software and application services. Sonim rugged devices are fully compatible with TASSTA solutions and are well-recognized on the international market.

Crosscall – a big company that produces devices resistant to the most aggressive environments. Apart from a wide range of PoC devices, accessories and various software, their enterprise solutions are also diverse.

Cyrus Technology – a tech company with its headquarters in Germany, specialising in the individual needs of each customer company. They digitise the processes and empower their devices with the hardware and software solutions that best serve their operational needs.

Flash Connectivity Group – a company that offers mission-critical communications solutions in the Netherlands. The group is one of the most successful system integrators and consists of three different companies, which enables them to provide the best customer service in the Netherlands, including a huge device rental capacity. PrioCom is one of the companies that joins the Group and provides mobile network solutions, Push-to-Talk applications, devices and accessories in different European countries. MOBILE – a German company producing a wide range of devices to meet various industries’ needs with ATEX certification. They offer mission-critical devices for dangerous work environments and comprehensive solutions for manufacturing, supply-chain logistics and other types of companies.

RugGear – a manufacturer of smartphones and mobile phones with PTT and MCTT functions. The company’s distinctive feature is that its devices comply with the United States Military Standard, which proves the ability of the devices to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions.

Sonic Communications – a global supplier of professional PMR LTE gateways for the police, military, ambulances and many industrial sectors, with over 40 years of experience. TASSTA is partnering with Sonic for greater flexibility in providing gateways to LMR users like TETRA, analogue, DMR and P25.


See the schedule and watch the TASSTA Show 2022 online here.


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