Welcome to the TASSTA Show 2022! We are proud to present our partners from all around the world! This online event is a unique and absolutely free-of-charge opportunity for you. Watch the show to see what’s new on the market, get to know the companies and their representatives better, and learn about actual use cases with the newest and most popular devices integrated with TASSTA. This show can be a turning point in the decision-making process for many companies who want to migrate to MCPTT and choose the best solution on the market.


TASSTA – Gruрpo Inditel

Marco Calamoneri from Gruppo Inditel, including Radder and Pontiradio PR will talk about the latest developments and projects with TASSTA for emergency services and public safety. Watch this episode to find out more about the news and trends of the Mission Critical Push-to-Talk industry.

TASSTA – BoxChip

Ella Li, sales director at BoxChip, will talk to Kaveh Hosseinzadeh about the newest devices and product development that they have done. They will raise the topic of the ability to customize the devices and their compatibility with the TASSTA solutions.   


Dietmar Deppich is participating in the TASSTA Show for the second time. Watch the episode to learn about the innovations and stories of success with ECOM (Pepperl+Fuchs Internationals), producing devices and accessories for the Oil and Gas industry. Find out about the actual use of the devices empowered by TASSTA. 


Eva Zhang from the TELOX company will show their newest devices and talk about their actual experience and opportunities with the flexible TASSTA solution in an interview with Kaveh Hosseinzadeh. 

TASSTA – Siyata

Glenn Kennedy from the Siyata company together with Kaveh Hosseinzadeh will discuss new opportunities for Mission Critical communications with TASSTA and introduce their latest SD7 device.


Neil Barker from Sonic Communications will talk to Kaveh Hosseinzadeh about the latest technologies that the company uses to ensure safe and secure communications within a company on a national level.

TASSTA – Estalky

Rita Zou from Estalki will share the company news with Kaveh Hosseinzadeh and reveal the way TASSTA is implemented into their latest products. She will also share their stories about the use of the devices with different Push-to-Talk user groups made possible with TASSTA. 


Tina Сhou from eTera, Sinotech R&D Group Limited, will introduce a full set of Mission Critical devices with PTT for any organization. She will talk about the advantages of their devices empowered by TASSTA.   

TASSTA – Sonim

Jonathan Nelson, an expert from the Sonim, will talk about the latest devices and the use of TASSTA for Mission Critical communications. Jonathan is going to present the new XP10 device.  

TASSTA – Crosscall

Michael Babagbeto from the Crosscall company, will show their newest devices empowered with the TASSTA solutions. In a discussion with Kaveh Hosseinzadeh they will reveal how the devices find use in real life.                        

TASSTA – Cyrus

Javier Holguín from Cyrus will talk about their latest rugged Push-to-Talk devices empowered with TASSTA and provide  their customer success stories.                      

TASSTA – Harald Ludwig

Harald Ludwig, a recognized expert in 3GPP Mission Critical communications and a frequent guest at the TASSTA events. He is going to share the news about the latest developments of the MCPTT standard and the upcoming ETSI 3GPP plug test.

TASSTA – Flash Connectivity Group

Wim Stam from the Flash Connectivity Group will drive in on the latest company’s news and present their projects empowered with the TASSTA solution and the advantages of working with the TASSTA company.

TASSTA – iSafe and RugGear

Martin Haaf, CEO at iSafe will talk about the latest i.Safe and RugGear Push-to-Talk devices. They offer a wide range of ATEX and rugged PTT devices for any user group. Together with Kaveh Hosseinzadeh they will discover the potentials of these devices empowered with TASSTA.