Modern communication technologies like TASSTA have a profound impact on a variety of business processes and help to improve the quality and efficiency of communication, and lower the costs. The use of advanced TASSTA communication solution can give an organization a competitive advantage. In addition, TASSTA might be an essential element in the strategic plan of many organizations.


In areas where the most important practices are raising animals or growing crops, communication, security and control pay a big role. The agriculture industry has nowadays developed great ways to protect the environments and be productive at the same time.


Communication between long distances is currently one of the most usual practices. As technology moves along, we need to move forward with it. TASSTA is committed to help critical communications stay under control and up to date with the world’s changes.

Building & Construction

Security and effective communication is what the construction sector would always wish to have. Keep your team secure and in constant communication with TASSTA Solutions.

Couriers & Express Services

TASSTA helps you maintain your communication protocol under control. Keep the service’s effectiveness and bring satisfaction to your customers with great communication, security and control.

Fire Brigades & Emergency Services

TASSTA Emergency Solutions will help your team stay under communication and attend critical situations with effective tools that will maintain the environment on a tight rein. Your team can feel secure while going on the daily activities and being present in the usual critical situations.

Event Management

Do you wish to ease the coordination and organization of all your proceedings? TASSTA offers you the perfect communication system to keep all your team in touch and make sure every task is followed and controlled, to bring your customers satisfaction and deliver great service in all your events.


Hospital and Medical Centers are 24/7 facilities where there is continuous activity to care and treat patients. Delivering professional and world-class patient care requires top notch doctors, nurses and other support personnel and these personnel is always in need of great and effective communication to control every single eventuality. TASSTA’s mission is to support these leading hospital and medical centers customers by providing a simple, easy-to-use communications system that offers push-to-talk and emergency features for hospital staff and administrators. This product facilitates instantaneous communications between personnel and also Emergency features that can alert administration and security staff in case of some type of incident. Keeping the Hospital personnel safe and in-touch with Security and/or First Responders is the function of TASSTA’s product line.

Hotel, Campus & Shopping Centers

In big public areas it is always essential to maintain all your security staff and the rest of the administrative personnel connected. Ensure the control of any eventuality and follow locations and tasks from all your labors inside or/and around the working environment with TASSTA. Also, prevent big damages in case of any contingency with simple tools and in a matter of seconds.


Stay in contact with all your team, control routes and keep your workforces secure in any part of the world. TASSTA gives you the possibility to control the effectiveness of all paths and helps you stay up to date with all locations and eventualities during the progress of your team’s tasks.

Navigation, Freight & Ports

Roads, far destinations, ocean or continents crossing? Feel close to your team when being apart from them. TASSTA will accompany you and your workforces to any journey and in any way. Get our easy-to-use TASSTA solutions and stay secure, connected and tuned with your team no matter the distances.

Public Transport

Track your labors and their routes with TASSTA Localization Features. Stay up to date of the locations of each of your employees and protect them at the same time. TASSTA offers you a solution that will allow your team to feel secure during the development of the daily tasks including the eventualities that may occur in the day to day.

Public or Private Security Companies

Feel secure while delivering security to others, maintain yourself in touch with base stations and team colleagues and face any critical situation thanks to TASSTA’s great communication system. Allow your users to stay in touch and track their location, to prevent big damages and provide communication tools to keep your team together.

Governmental Organizations

Effectiveness is a key tool for any governmental organization. TASSTA provides to you great communication system, excellent security and emergency tools and very innovative and easy-to-use features to keep your organization safe, interconnected and under control.

Taxi Services

Track your vehicles and their routes with TASSTA Localization Features. Stay up to date of the locations of each of your employees and protect them at the same time. TASSTA offers you different solutions that will allow taxi drives to notify any eventuality even outside from the vehicles. Public Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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© 2013-2019 TASSTA GmbH.

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