October 1, 2020

TASSTA presented the first Mission Critical LTE online Training by Harald Ludwig

  • The first online training about the future of Mission-Critical LTE Communication solutions for Police, Ambulance and Fire brigades 
  • more than 100 participants from all around the globe in three events are now MCX experts 
  • German Austrian cooperation is creating a benchmark for the industry 


Hanover, Germany / Vienna, Austria – November 2020 – when Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, General Manager of TASSTA GmbH, visited Vienna for taking part in the Mission-Critical LTE training, a great idea was born. 

In October and November 2020, TASSTA organized three 2-day training sessions with Harald Ludwig as the trainer. More than 100 participants completed the training about 3GPP MCX services – Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk, Push-to-Video and Data; about how to make your network mission-critical grade; and other aspects of mission-critical communications. 

The idea for an online training was born as Kaveh Hosseinzadeh participated in the Mission-Critical LTE communications training in Vienna in September 2020. The concept fulfils TASSTA’s mission to provide education and information to raise the knowledge of the industry and users. TASSTA wants to make sure that any user receives the right solution and nothing else. The training, held by Harald Ludwig, founder and managing director of Arico Technologie, and TCCA Technical Forum chair, created a new milestone. He made clear what Mission Critical stands for, showed the advantages of LTE and Broadband, pointed out how testing and standardization work and why they are used. The training gave a perfect overview of Mission-Critical and Mission-Critical Communication (MCX) and its advantages. It also made clear why Mission-Critical LTE and 5G solution will be used in the future. 

But why should only TASSTA benefit from it and not also the customers who want to use MCX applications and devices? Following the principle of “make the user an expert in his product”, Kaveh Hosseinzadeh did not hesitate and asked Mr. Ludwig to create an adapted online version of the training. 


Interactive online training for mission-critical users 

The idea was to adapt the training so that it was long enough to cover all the important content and short enough to be able to follow it comfortably from the home office. The content should be designed as informative as possible and presented in such a way that a participant with basic knowledge can follow. The target was to provide the right portion of information for not only technical people but also sales and others to educate everyone about this very new topic. The interactive training was a complete success. The participants were very happy that “[…] we were given the opportunity to complete such professional training, in times of Covid-19.” Harald Ludwig also sees the training as successful: “At the beginning I was a bit skeptical whether a webinar training could work at all. But after several rounds and very positive feedback from the participants, I am now convinced that it is possible to pass on more complex issues in a webinar. This means that the time in the home office can also be used well for further training and qualification”. 


Which hardware can be used for Mission Critical Communication? 

The Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro, presented in February 2020, is the latest addition to the range of Samsung’s Ruggedized Devices. It is the first fully mission-critical device created according to the 3GPP standard. Samsung provides a rugged, stable and secure device for communication in emergencies and critical operations: Thanks to the Push-to-Talk solution for Critical Communication (MCPTT) from TASSTA, employees of emergency services, security authorities, and other professional users with security tasks have access to complete professional eco-system. The servers are hosted on-premise by the authorities in private data centres and are connected to the mission-critical LTE networks. The Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro is suitable for a variety of other areas of application in which a robust smartphone and secure communication are essential – whether on construction sites, in industrial plants, in logistics, or hospitals. According to several standards (IP68 certified, US military standard MIL-STD-810G), it is water- and dustproof, defying even extreme weather conditions and harsh environments as well as falls from a height of up to 1.50 m. The display provides a clear picture even in difficult lighting conditions and can also be operated with gloves and when wet.  

In Germany, the Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro is marketed exclusively by the Samsung partner and solution provider for mission-critical communication, TASSTA GmbH. 


What’s next 

TASSTA will provide more Mission Critical LTE Basic online Training courses at the beginning of 2021! Harald Ludwig already agreed to be the trainer. 

Further information, including the exact date and time, can be found here: www.tassta.com 



Based in Hanover, the TASSTA GmbH offers security and communication solutions for mission-critical users (B2B and B2G) that secure and support crisis teams from various industries at every step or incident. TASSTA offers Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication solutions following the ETSI 3GPP standard for mission-critical communication. The solution is expended by GPS and indoor localization, task management, push-to-video, a certified (BGR 139) emergency and lone worker protection (LWP) system, and alarm functions that provide support in emergencies. TASSTA also supports without any cost Non-Profit-Organizations with immediate access to TASSTA solutions for supporting and managing the communities better against COVID-19. 



General Manager

Kaveh Hosseinzadeh